I am so excited to announce the Grand Opening of my new site: MissPlunkett Vintage Trimming and Accessories

My adorable girlfriend Lori and I have been working our little guts out for months now and it’s finally time to open! We’d love to have you stop by and see us at this fun event. If you can’t come, email or message me for a coupon code for your first order. If nothing else, check us out on Facebook and be sure to sneak over to the site and look around!! http://www.MissPlunkettBoutique.com

A couple years ago a cute friend mentioned that they created a personal family mission statement. I loved the idea and created one for us. If I remembered right, I think I stole a lot of it from hers (thanks Rachel!) so if you like it, do the same and create one for your family too!


I’m dying over this gals graphic ability!! She is to die for talented!! Wouldn’t you just love your family photo done this way?!!

Here is the contest link to win your own: http://seeitloveitwinit.blogspot.com/2010/07/penguin-stands-alone.html

Here is her site link: http://penguinstandsalone.blogspot.com/


Ok not really but my cuties are on the Matilda Jane Blog today! WHAHOO!!


Isn’t that fun?!! They are the cutest!

My dear friend and client is a finalist in the Matilda Jane Contest. I didn’t even know she’d entered until I saw the fun pictures of her daughter that I’d taken in her entry collage. Her story is touching and I’d just love to see her do well.

Here’s the link to her entry Just add the page to your cart and then check out. It’s super easy!

Here’s the link to all the entries if you want to see them all. Voting ends tonight

Thanks so much!


What does it mean?

What does it require?

What does it reward?

It really is a broad term…birthing a child, makes you a mother. Adopting a child, makes you a mother. Taking in a child, makes you a mother. These all assume some sort of responsibility to another. You could even be a “mother” to someone older than you. But it doesn’t end there…

Are you finished once  you’ve fulfilled the definition above? For some, yes it is complete. Many animals create new lives and walk (or fly or slither) away. For others, the journey of motherhood is just beginning.

There’s feeding and holding, playing and teaching, listening and guiding. We all have strengths and weaknesses in these areas. Are we passing on our weaknesses? Are we sharing our strengths? The realm of responsibility seems overwhelming at times. Am I preparing them to meet their own challenges? Did a miss a teaching moment in the bustle of the day? Will that moment present it self again and will I catch it this time? Did I do enough? Did I do too much and enable? Did I teach the import things like opening your heart, giving more than you get, conquering your fears and relying on your Heavenly Father-not just in word, but by example?? Did I do my  mother justice and am I the “mother” she taught me to be? In some cases, did I rise above the motherly example I was given to be more than she was?

When I think about all these things, the demand of motherhood seems completely beyond my reach. Bigger than the small collection of talents & abilities I have to offer. Is there any way to do really be worthy of this title I so deeply sought for?

I look to examples of mothers who have influenced me and who continue to inspire me. Many of you will read this today and not even know that I am referring to you. I am so blessed to have mother, grandmothers, potential mothers, ancestors, friends, extended family and even just acquaintances who I borrow inspiration from all the time.  To you I express my heartfelt thanks and appreciation for giving me strength and courage to fulfill this divine roll. I only wish I could give back what you have given to me.

We often hear people ask “Do you work or are you “just a mother”? Most of the time we shrug uncomfortably at the question and whisper “yeah, I’m just a mom” or we first throw out our working role in the world “I’m a dental assistant part time” as if that’s the better answer. Why not boldly reply that “Yes I’m a mother who spends her spare time as a dental assistant” instead of the opposite?

Is it enough to “just be a mother”? Is there any more important role? Is there any more frustrating, crazy, rewarding, sad, happy, exciting, heartbreaking role than motherhood? And is there any other way to create your own personal definition of motherhood than through the help of our Savior? He can share with you a definition that fits your personal call as a mother. He can sustain you when you are not sure what you are doing yet little spirits think you do. He can lift you when you have no more strength to lift yourself. He will show you hidden talents to complete the precious task that no one else could complete for these lives you have been entrusted with.

Happy Mothers Day to anyone woman who desires to be a mother in any capacity. Your opportunities are many even if not conventional. Take the time to enjoy whatever piece of motherhood you have been afforded and thank your Father in Heaven for that chance.

I love this video from  Stephanie Nielson that puts it all in perspective.

PS Mom, I love you!!

New Photo Blog & Help

I’m putting together a new LOOK for my photo stuff. Blog, marketing, logo, pricing, etc. This last year was amazing and I’m enjoying it so much.

If you have a sec, I’d love your feedback on the whole shabang before I unveil it 😉 (Sounds fancy with the word “unveil”, huh?!)

Blog with new colors: http://www.onememoryatatime.com/blog

I’d be thrilled if you’d be my FB fan (you and my mom), even though I’m clueless as to how to use it, I will start posting model calls and discounts there first.

Here’s the kicker…pricing & products! I honestly hate to charge anyone, but I also have to justify time away from my own family even though it’s doing something I love! Since I trust ya’ll I need to know your thoughts on it. BE HONEST!! I want to know what you want. I get feedback that people are choking on the print pricing because the difference between what I charge and what Wal-Mart charges are a bit different. Is quality even an issue? Is quantity more important? These are things I’d love to hear!

Options and info:

I would also love to hear any new ideas you have for me! Now’s the time to change it all up!!

Be selfish and ask for it all- no promises, but I’ll sure try!! 😉

More teeth are gone!! The bottom two didn’t seem like a big deal because they came out and the big teeth were already in behind them. But these top two babies are quite obvious!! The first came out as you’d expect, ‘hey mom, my tooth just fell out” the other top one got knocked good at a basketball game (bound to happen as he is ALWAYS on the ground scrambling for the ball and causing jump balls) and was bleeding and hanging by a thread so I offered to yank it and the look of horror that came across his face was hilarious! Then his cousin’s granddad offered to pull it and so he mustard up some bravery and pulled it out the rest of the way himself!

Funny thing though, the tooth fairy hasn’t been to visit for either one of the teeth!! We just might be in the market for a new tooth fairy!

My Baby Isn’t A Baby

My little princess is 3 today! Holy cow!! I can hardly believe 3 years has flown by so fast.

She is so different than her brother in personality, emotions and temperament, yet so much the same in energy, silliness and love-ability.

Wordle: GirlieCreated at http://www.wordle.net

It’s a miracle to look back over the past few years and see how our lives are shaped by our children. She bring such a fun craziness to our home. She lives for each moment and her emotions turn on a dime-crying hysterically over her bow falling out then turning around and giggling at her brother’s funny face. She can pretend with the best of them and constantly chooses new names for herself and her “friends” (stuffed animals, dolls, and toys are friends).
She is very smart and it kinda freaks me out. It’s a different smart than her brother. She asks a lot of questions and puts together complex ideas. She has a great memory but isn’t as interested in school things.

She is a momma and daddy’s girl and I actually don’t mind those moments when it’s just me she wants, however inconvenient 😉 It’s those little moments of breakdown that we really bond…she snuggles with me and tells me her hurts. She asks for tickles and it’s the only moment she sits still.

This little mini-me is so much better than I ever dreamed of being and she has to be to face the world ahead of her. As her mom, I worry I cannot give her all the tools she’ll need to fulfill her divine roll as a Daughter of God. When that burden overcomes me I remember that I’m not alone. Her dad upholds his priesthood in her behalf, her brother guides her and is a great example and her loving Father in Heaven is ultimately leading her down the path that is meant for her. Her strong heritage gives her a host of angels who are cheering her on and no matter what I might do to mess things up in my well-intentioned efforts to be her mom, others will course correct her. So I relinquish my pilot seat to the Lord and assume my rightful role as co-pilot with a constant prayer in my heart that above all she knows she is loved! More than words can say, she is undeniably, unconditionally, and uncontrollably loved!

Happy birthday princess!!

New Niece

I’m an AUNTIE and so thrilled to have another girl baby in the family!! Meet Prezlie Jane Watson-gorgeous daughter of Jeff & Lexie. 5lbs 13 oz-TINY!!!!  If you missed my photoblog post on her birth and newborn shots, head on over!