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I am so excited to announce the Grand Opening of my new site: MissPlunkett Vintage Trimming and Accessories

My adorable girlfriend Lori and I have been working our little guts out for months now and it’s finally time to open! We’d love to have you stop by and see us at this fun event. If you can’t come, email or message me for a coupon code for your first order. If nothing else, check us out on Facebook and be sure to sneak over to the site and look around!! http://www.MissPlunkettBoutique.com


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I should rename this blog the “Help Poor Alisha” blog cause I’m always asking for help on here HeeHee

This time I need a list of cute saying for my digital workshop next week that can be put on neighbor gifts. I know you have all seen them before: “Just POPPING By To Say Happy Holidays” tied to a bag of popcorn. Those kind of fun sayings.

If you know of any, PLEASE SHARE!!

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I have two good friends in the Tip Junkie Christmas card finals! YEAH!! It’s like going to school with someone on American Idol-famous folk!!

Brooke’s Adorable Family Card

& Lori’s Super Creative Game of Life Card

Drop over and vote!! (Now you know my secret: I run with creative people in hopes it will rub off 😉 )

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I’ve been working on this little project for my kids this year and am so excited that it’s almost done. In each little drawer is a paper with a service to perform for each night. Then turn the drawer around to reveal a piece of the photo on the back.


3D Advent From Karen Foster

Little Dreamer: Jolly Jingle

Digital Scrapbook Memories: Santa Claus Lane

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Little Kitchen Project

In my OCD-ness I’m working to get a bit more organized and TRYING to actually plan & prepare meals more than 1 time a week. So I took my adorable magnet board (thanks Monica) and revised it to be my meal board. The days of the week are posted with magnetic clippies and then I can put up the menu, gift certificate, meal plan for the day on there. I have some fun quotes about family meal time I retyped and stuck on there too. So far so good!! So if you have any struggles with your meals, you might want to try this little trick.

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