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My dear friend and client is a finalist in the Matilda Jane Contest. I didn’t even know she’d entered until I saw the fun pictures of her daughter that I’d taken in her entry collage. Her story is touching and I’d just love to see her do well.

Here’s the link to her entry Just add the page to your cart and then check out. It’s super easy!

Here’s the link to all the entries if you want to see them all. Voting ends tonight

Thanks so much!


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New Photo Blog & Help

I’m putting together a new LOOK for my photo stuff. Blog, marketing, logo, pricing, etc. This last year was amazing and I’m enjoying it so much.

If you have a sec, I’d love your feedback on the whole shabang before I unveil it 😉 (Sounds fancy with the word “unveil”, huh?!)

Blog with new colors: http://www.onememoryatatime.com/blog

I’d be thrilled if you’d be my FB fan (you and my mom), even though I’m clueless as to how to use it, I will start posting model calls and discounts there first.

Here’s the kicker…pricing & products! I honestly hate to charge anyone, but I also have to justify time away from my own family even though it’s doing something I love! Since I trust ya’ll I need to know your thoughts on it. BE HONEST!! I want to know what you want. I get feedback that people are choking on the print pricing because the difference between what I charge and what Wal-Mart charges are a bit different. Is quality even an issue? Is quantity more important? These are things I’d love to hear!

Options and info:

I would also love to hear any new ideas you have for me! Now’s the time to change it all up!!

Be selfish and ask for it all- no promises, but I’ll sure try!! 😉

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then I could buzz down to this amazing photography retreat near Phoenix. Check her work out …Not only is she amazing, she is super sweet!



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New Man In My Life…

Only my photographer friends can appreciate this….I just ordered me a new man from New York. There’s nothing wrong with my current love, but you know sometimes you just want bigger & better….his name’s Mark….5D Mark ii to be exact!!! I’m so freakin excited and scared and excited!! Wish me luck with my new relationship! HeeHee

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If you know me you know I LIVE for the holidays! The sites, the smells, the lights, the get-togethers, all of it! In fact I wanted to put Christmas music on my site, but my DH said I’d scare people away 😉 But I can’t wait any longer to post about mini sessions this year… Email me to reserve your spot!!

AND here is a peek at my holiday cards this year!!

Happy Holidays!

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Are you due Oct 5-22 ish? Do you want FREE newborn pics? I need 2-3 newborn models-boys or girls. Pass the word along to expectant mothers you know and have them email or call me to volunteer.

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Shameless request Heehee

My cute friend Emily Clark of Wink Fotos does an amazing mommy models shoot every summer with moms who could use a little glam! Then she runs a contest to vote for the hottest pair of mom shoes.

I need your votes!! If not for me, at least for my sister Julie’s shoes she lent me! These babies are hot!!!

To vote, just go here and on the right side you will see me at #6. You guys are the best!

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