More teeth are gone!! The bottom two didn’t seem like a big deal because they came out and the big teeth were already in behind them. But these top two babies are quite obvious!! The first came out as you’d expect, ‘hey mom, my tooth just fell out” the other top one got knocked good at a basketball game (bound to happen as he is ALWAYS on the ground scrambling for the ball and causing jump balls) and was bleeding and hanging by a thread so I offered to yank it and the look of horror that came across his face was hilarious! Then his cousin’s granddad offered to pull it and so he mustard up some bravery and pulled it out the rest of the way himself!

Funny thing though, the tooth fairy hasn’t been to visit for either one of the teeth!! We just might be in the market for a new tooth fairy!


My Baby Isn’t A Baby

My little princess is 3 today! Holy cow!! I can hardly believe 3 years has flown by so fast.

She is so different than her brother in personality, emotions and temperament, yet so much the same in energy, silliness and love-ability.

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It’s a miracle to look back over the past few years and see how our lives are shaped by our children. She bring such a fun craziness to our home. She lives for each moment and her emotions turn on a dime-crying hysterically over her bow falling out then turning around and giggling at her brother’s funny face. She can pretend with the best of them and constantly chooses new names for herself and her “friends” (stuffed animals, dolls, and toys are friends).
She is very smart and it kinda freaks me out. It’s a different smart than her brother. She asks a lot of questions and puts together complex ideas. She has a great memory but isn’t as interested in school things.

She is a momma and daddy’s girl and I actually don’t mind those moments when it’s just me she wants, however inconvenient 😉 It’s those little moments of breakdown that we really bond…she snuggles with me and tells me her hurts. She asks for tickles and it’s the only moment she sits still.

This little mini-me is so much better than I ever dreamed of being and she has to be to face the world ahead of her. As her mom, I worry I cannot give her all the tools she’ll need to fulfill her divine roll as a Daughter of God. When that burden overcomes me I remember that I’m not alone. Her dad upholds his priesthood in her behalf, her brother guides her and is a great example and her loving Father in Heaven is ultimately leading her down the path that is meant for her. Her strong heritage gives her a host of angels who are cheering her on and no matter what I might do to mess things up in my well-intentioned efforts to be her mom, others will course correct her. So I relinquish my pilot seat to the Lord and assume my rightful role as co-pilot with a constant prayer in my heart that above all she knows she is loved! More than words can say, she is undeniably, unconditionally, and uncontrollably loved!

Happy birthday princess!!

New Niece

I’m an AUNTIE and so thrilled to have another girl baby in the family!! Meet Prezlie Jane Watson-gorgeous daughter of Jeff & Lexie. 5lbs 13 oz-TINY!!!!  If you missed my photoblog post on her birth and newborn shots, head on over!

New Year – New Me!

I think we all have grand intentions the first of every new year…or at least I do! I compartmentalize all my life’s departments and then choose what will help me grow, stretch and become better. I realize that some departments should be done away with all together to make room for others that have out-grown the little corner I’ve given them. I really get excited about this process. It’s almost like when I clean out a room or a closet-I find such joy in making room by throwing out the old, the unused or the broken. There are lots of old, unused and broken parts of “ME” that need tossing and I find myself caught up in the moment!

So many “goals” and intentions. So many aspects that need work. It’s a rush as I picture the end product..a better me. A more patient me. A more faithful me. A better business woman. A better mom and wife. A changed being that has so much more to give others.

THEN life happens. The list is long and quite daunting. Where to start? What’s most important or easiest so I have a couple new year victories under my belt to keep me motivated. Weight? Work? Motherhood? Relationships? Faithfulness? Money? Home? Me? So what do I do? I hang onto the intentions and that picture of a changed me and let the overwhelming weight of it all slowly bury the excitement and douse the fire I felt as I created that “new me” list. Jan 2nd comes and goes, Jan 5th, Jan 12, Jan 20 and now here I am at Jan 26. Nothing started, yet not totally forgotten. 1/12 of my new year is gone. Forever.

Where did I go wrong? Did I think them through? YES! Did I create small steps to reach each goal? YES! Did I write them down? YES! Were they realistic? YES! So where did I go wrong???

Then it dawns on me…like a little lightbulb above my head. Did I ask the Lord what HE wanted me to do this year? Did I take my list to Him and find out what was most important? Did I even stop to think that the new me I pictured may not be the one He needs me to be? There is a season for everything and I know that I can accomplish my long list, IF and only IF I have the help from my Savior. Will He help me? YES! But I have to ask and then just as important LISTEN and take the direction I’m given.

So maybe my list is not completely wasted…maybe I just needed my first resolution to be a simple one-“Ask and ye shall receive” I don’t know what I’ll be receiving or even what I may ask, but I know I can be the me He needs me to be and that’s the goal that really counts.

So if any of you made it this far through my little irrational-ness or if you can relate, know that you are not alone. And with HIS help, we will be new and improved in 11 short months.

Digi Retreat

I’m teaching again at this awesome retreat in Park City this spring! If you want a fun filled weekend packed with digi scrapping, this is the one for you! It is a blast!! And you can win a class package for free!!! If you’re from So Utah, we can arrange a car pool 😉 Click on the picture for details!

Christmas Time Is Here…

It’s been at our house since before Halloween, but we’ve been discrete! 😉 (Except the subtle Dale Jr blowup race car Santa is driving on my front lawn! WT!) Here are our family pics for this year! My dear friend Michelle takes them each year and I love them!!

Isn’t that so stinkin’ cute??!!

My handsome boy!!

Crazy sister sue! Dress from Ginger Louise Clothing,

hat & flower from Pretty Princess Boutique, leggings from Crawler Covers all on Etsy

Boy I have a hot husband!! 😉

Even one of just me showing off my gray hair! NIIIIICE!!


This weekend we’ve all been focusing on things we are thankful for. It’s one of my favorite ways to kick off the holidays! And although making a “thankful” list is good and a great time of reflection…I got to thinking…what do we DO with that list? Do we take the time to personally contact any one who made the list and tell them? Do we seek out those who make things possible that made our list? Do we spend time on our knees thanking our Heavenly Father for unseen gratitudes that also make our life complete? It’s easy to be thankful in our own little heads, so my goal is to express that gratitude and let others know just how thankful I am for them too!